Understanding Our Sales Process

Obtaining The Best Policy For The Best Price.

1. We do the shopping for you, saving you time and money.
We utilize the information you provide to shop from highly rated life insurance companies to find you the best price available. The more accurate the information you provide upfront the more accurate your quote will be.

2. We will help you chose a policy to fit your unique needs.
If you require a specific amount of coverage or term length, we will find you the best price. If you have a budget amount you are working with we can find you the best coverage for that price.

3. If needed, we will coordinate a medical exam to be completed at your convenience.
Some policies do not require a medical exam to be completed, while fully underwritten policies require health exams to be completed. We will pay for a licensed paramedic to come to your home to provide that examination. You’ll receive a free copy of your lab results, which are completely confidential.

4. Get your final underwriting results.
Your life insurance company will make a final decision regarding your insurability and final price based on your health exam, pharmaceutical report and/or DMV Reports.

5. Activate your coverage.
It brings peace of mind to know that your family will be financially secure in the event of a tragedy. Start the process today by requesting your free quote from one of our licensed agents.